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F.A.Q. and About Me

How do I place an order?  Start by sending an e-mail to me, telling me what you have in mind.  I'll write back, and we'll begin to work together on your item.  If it's a bracelet or necklace, we'll talk about the size, style and colors. 

If I order a bracelet, how do I measure my wrist?  Use a tape measure or a ribbon or string to measure your wrist.  I'll calculate from that measurement how long the bracelet should be.

Can I trust you?  I insist that no payment be made until your items are finished.  At that point, I'll send you a photo via e-mail for your approval.  If you are satisfied with my creation, I'll send an invoice and you'll send payment.  The item will be shipped upon receipt of your payment.  I will be happy to put you in touch with some of my customers and I can give you my eBay User ID so you can check my eBay rating if that will give you some peace of mind.

How long will it take?   Nearly everything I do is custom and I make everything myself, so it's going to depend on my schedule.  I don't have a lot of items that are ready to ship, but I do have some.  Please keep that (and shipping time) in mind if you need something by a specific date.  (Sometimes I do have some beaded pieces worked up that just need to be sized, so don't hesitate to ask.  I usually have a few bars of soap around.  Silk?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.)   A gift certificate is a good option if you're short on time.

What's the deal with the gift certificates?   You tell me how much you want to spend and then I make up a gift certificate that I can send to you so you can print it and present it to the recipient or I can e-mail it directly to the recipient for you.  You could also specify an item, and the gift certificate will allow the recipient to select colors or send in a measurement.  Unused gift certificates are fully refundable. 

What payments do you accept?    I accept payment via personal checks, money orders and PayPal.  With prior notice, I can accept credit or debit card payments via a PayPal, but I will add a processing and handling fee to the invoice.  On bracelets, the fee is $2.00 per bracelet.

How much is shipping?     I normally ship via USPS Priority, which currently runs me $4.80 unless you purchase something heavy, like a lot of soap.  For heavy orders, flat-rate boxes can help to keep the cost down.  You'll never pay more than it costs me for the actual shipping charge. 


Text Box: Gift certificates are always available.