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You'll find the fringe gallery here:  Fringe Beaded Bracelets and Accessories  

But if you want to know what it’s all about, read on:

               Composed of 500-1,000 beads and 4-5 yards of beading thread, each unique art bracelet requires 4-8 hours of handwork to complete. 

               I use fine Japanese seed beads for the base and fringe, and depending on the style, the accent and filler beads will be a variety of beads. Generally, I use beads made of glass, natural shells, gemstones, porcelain, semi-precious stones, natural stones, carved stones, carved wood, beach glass, faux pearls, mother of pearl, freshwater pearls, bone or whatever I find that will enhance the design. Occasionally I do use resin or clay beads, but generally I prefer the texture, sparkle and weight of glass.  The pieces are quite substantial, with the average weight being about three ounces.  (Designs with lots of wooden beads will be lighter in weight. 

               Because I don't attach the beads with wire heads, you don't have to worry about little metal bits catching your fine knit clothing or hosiery.  My work environment is smoke-free and pet-free.

               Each bracelet is woven by hand using approximately five yards of an extra-heavy twisted multi-filament nylon.  This nylon is woven through the beads and onto a miniature 49-strand steel cable coated with clear nylon that serves as the bracelet base. The breaking strength for both is approximately 35 lbs. (To give you an idea of what that means, in 1993 an angler in Kona waters used a 50 lb. test line to capture a world-record Pacific Blue Marlin that weighed 1,166 pounds.  This is strong stuff!)

               Every bracelet is a unique piece of art that is created especially for you. Bracelets are priced $30-$65. The variance is generally due to the cost and availability of the beads used in the different designs.

               All colors are custom-blended and individual beads are selected for each bracelet. I don't use any sort of pattern, so no two will ever turn out the same. (If you check out the Jolly Holiday and Tinsel Trees bracelets,. you'll see what I mean.)  There is no limit to the possible combinations.

               If you don't find something you love on these pages, you can use the collection as a guide to explain what you would like. Color is very personal. Only you know what you like best and I love hearing new ideas. A few of the bracelets in the collection were created for gals who wanted something to match an outfit.  I can work with whatever colors you fancy.

               The bracelets can be sized to fit, or made small-medium (for 6-7 inch wrists) or medium-large (for wrists 7-8 inches). Larger sizes are subject to a $5 surcharge. It is also possible to obtain an adjustable clasp. (My preference is that you accurately measure your wrist and then I will determine the length, but I can go either way.) The toggle clasps I use are normally plated pewter or nickel and have proven to be durable. Sterling silver or gold clasps are available at cost.

               Please send an e-mail if you are interested in having a one-of-a-kind bracelet (or a necklace or earrings or key fob or ????) created especially for you. The bracelets make terrific gifts.   Necklaces will cost at least double the bracelet price, possibly triple depending on style and length. (Beaded extenders can be made so you can wear your bracelet as a necklace.)  Earrings run $22-$28.  Key fobs are $15-$20.  Lucky Key Fobs for gamblers run $25 and up. 

               Normally, you can expect a bracelet to be shipped within 10-15 business days of your order, but I can't guarantee that and will advise you upon ordering what the timeline will be for your bracelet.

               Your satisfaction is guaranteed. When you receive the bracelet, if you don't like it, you are welcome to return it (naturally, in the same condition in which it was received) for a refund of your purchase price and any applicable taxes. I don't refund postage.

               Occasionally a crimp will fail.  If any of the components fail under normal use, I'm happy to make repairs for a reasonable period of time.

               Mahalo nui loa for visiting me today and taking the time to read about the fringe.  Please feel free to browse the site.

               Come back and visit every so often. I get new ideas all the time; unfortunately some have been sold even before I was able to get a photograph. Sometimes I'll see something in the beads and just get one design. Those bracelets will be posted in the one-of-a-kind section.  Now it's time for you to go to the gallery page and look at the collection. 

               Have fun!  Be sure to contact me if you have questions.

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