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Text Box: Featured Jewelry Designs

Are you a fan of “The Mouse”?  Here’s a fun fringe bracelet created with Mickey icon beads.  Shown in Rainbow, this can be created for you in many different colors.  Price: $55.  Fringe Beaded Bracelets

Handmade with Aloha…

Gemstone chip necklace with a 12mm Swarovski Crystal Pearl accent.  As shown, approx. 30 inches long, priced at $25.00  Also available in other gemstones, such as amethyst, amber, etc. Find it here:  The Mixed Bag

 ...founded on the Big Island in Kailua Kona

Text Box: Shopping for a gift is rarely easy.  If you are unsure about what would make the recipient smile, perhaps 
a gift certificate 
for a 
custom-made item would be a good idea.  It’s always the right color.

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Text Box: It's really not possible for me to show you 
everything that 
I have designed.  
If you have 
something in mind 
(different colors, or different materials) 
that you don't see on 
the website, just ask.